The Original CartBagz


A set of 4 detachable and reusable grocery bags that fit perfectly in a shopping cart
FREE SHIPPING when you buy TWO or more! These are the ORIGINAL CARTBAGZ… see our username!
Front bag (blue bag) is a fully INSULATED bag, used for your refrigerated groceries
SIZED FOR AMERICA! Designed to fit in all standard bucket North American shopping carts! Even works with Costco and Sam’s Club carts!
Machine washable. Made with high density polyethylene rods, not flimsy plastic or wooden rods




BUY TWO GET FREE SHIPPING! ** KEEP CAUTION** FOR CHEAPER REPLICATIONS. These are the ORIGINAL CARTBAGZ… see our username! CartBagz are a set of 4 detachable and reusable shopping bags that fit quickly and easily into a shopping cart. With a simple movement, CartBagz spread in to your shopping cart, allowing you to use both hands to pack and categorize your groceries. CartBagz are made to the highest standard of quality manufacturing, and are specifically designed for American and Canadian grocery cart sizes. Our bags incorporate a very durable mesh fabric at the bottom of each of the three larger bags, specifically designed this way in order to prevent mold and bacteria from developing at the bottom of the bags. Should the bags ever get dirty, the rods can easily be removed and the bags can be machine washed! The smallest bag (the blue one) is fully insulated to keep your refrigerated groceries cold! We are also now offering FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING by USPS PRIORITY MAIL to all of Continental USA!!! Buyer beware of lesser quality non-branded imitations. These are the original CartBagz.

Order Here 


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